WMB Pride Bike Shampoo 500ml


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Trusted for use on the best brands, our premium wash shampoo is used by the WMB team to ensure all the motorcycles in our care reach events in showroom condition. Available to buy for the first time, this non-corrosive formula is suitable for all types of metal, finished surfaces and plastics. Use it to remove road film, grease and general soiling. This is a premium product for showroom shine and is suitable for on and off-road bikes. Directions for use 1.Hose down your bike with water 2.Spray on WASH or mix up a bucket with 9 parts water to 1 part WASH and sponge or brush your bike 3.Leave on between 1 and 2 minutes, agitating stubborn areas with a sponge or brush 4.Rinse off with a hose or medium pressure water taking care not to spray high pressure water into electrics


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