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Professional Motorcycle Valet care set including Gift Bag.
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Bike Wash

The ultimate motorbike Wash! Trusted for use on the best brands in the motorcycling world, our premium wash shampoo has been used by the WMB team for years to ensure all motorcycles that are delivered in our care reach events in a spotless showroom condition that we can be proud of.

Available to buy for the first time, this non-corrosive premium shampoo is suitable for all types of metal, finished surfaces and plastics.

The unique non-corrosive formula is chemical free and doesn’t contain any acids that other washes may include. It is gentle on paintwork and the delicate parts some motorbikes may have.

Our premium motorbike shampoo will clean whilst caring for your bike, breaking down the dirt and cutting through the grime that a rough ride can sometimes build up, without damaging your bike in the process. Use it to remove road film, cut through grease and abolish general soiling. This liquid wash glides onto dirt and turns it into a substance soft enough to simply wipe away.

Don’t be fooled, this is a not just a product for showroom motorbikes, it is also tough enough to take on off-road bikes.

Bike Shine

Directions for use

  1. Hose down your bike with water
  2. Spray on WASH or mix up a bucket with 9 parts water to 1 part WASH and sponge or brush your bike
  3. Leave on between 1 and 2 minutes, agitating stubborn areas with a sponge or brush
  4. Rinse off with a hose or medium pressure water taking care not to spray high pressure water into electrics

Our professionally developed motorbike premium polish, Shine, is trusted for use on some of the best bike brands around the world and is one the WMB team have been using for many years prior to releasing the kit.

Shine restores, cleans and conditions all types of surfaces, including painted surfaces, plastics, chrome and stainless steel. The silicone free formula repels dust and dirt maintaining a healthy shine to your bike. With anti-static technology and longer lasting shine this is one product you should never be without.

Shake, spray on, wipe off and reveal the reflective possibilities that your motorbike holds, whilst conditioning the metal giving your bike the much-needed lease of life it may be lacking after that long ride.

From small jobs like cleaning your number plates and lights to polishing the entire body of a HOG this is a small can with mighty dirt busting power.


Directions for use

  1. Shake well
  2. Hold can 15-20cm away from bike and spray on areas for cleaning
  3. Remove any excess polish with a lint-free cloth
  4. Buff to shine

Not for use on brakes, hand grips or pedals

Our premium Revive kit refresher is used by the WMB team to ensure all the accessories in our care reach their owner or their events fresh and ready.

Available to buy for the first time, this odour banishing spray has a fresh fragrance and is suitable for reviving all of your kit, including inside your helmet, boots, jackets and gloves, and protecting your leathers against weather damage.

The fresh fragrance will help you breathe easy knowing that you and your kit are ready to go the next time you hop on your bike.

This is a premium product for showroom fresh gear and is suitable for on and off-road bikers.

Directions for use

  1. Shake well
  2. Hold can 25-30cm away from your item
  3. Spray in short bursts until moisture is visible and allow to dry before using equipment

If you want to extend the life of your bike chain and prevent wear, then our premium Lube is perfect for you. Lube is an effective penetrating chain lubricant which leaves a fine clear film of PTFE that prevents chain wear and extends chain life by repelling water and dirt.

PTFE has incredibly low surface friction which provides a smooth ride without attracting contaminates from the roads or tracks surfaces.

The silicone-based formula can also be used on suspension as well as your chain to make sure all your parts are moving smoothly whilst preventing rust and corrosion.

With no harmful chemicals you can relax knowing that while the effective lubricant penetrates into all the nooks and crannies of your chain, the precious parts won’t be damaged or tarnished in the process.

Manufactured to the highest quality, this is a product that is trusted by some of the biggest brands in the motorcycling world; use our lubricant if you want to keep your chain running as smoothly as possible and for as long as you do.

Directions for use

Can be applied to moving chain if bike is safely secured on a centre stand.

  1. Shake well
  2. Hold can 20-25cm away from your chain and spray on


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